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5 Reasons For Listing Your Business In Online Local Directories

The truth about online marketing is that the greater the exposure, the higher your visibility. Today, almost every business vies to capture potential target leads faster than their rivals. In addition to business advertisements and online campaigns, listing your business in online business directories is a great way to gain… Read more »

How to Negotiate a Loan Agreement for Your Business

Taking out a business loan can be scary. No matter how eager you might be to sign on the dotted line and receive a cash infusion from the bank, either you or your legal counsel (if you have one) should first carefully review the terms of the loan agreement, which… Read more »

7 Tax Strategies to Consider When Selling a Business

Baby boomers own 2.3 million businesses, according to Project Equity. This nonprofit organization predicts that 6 out of 10 owners plan to sell their businesses within the next decade. If you’re among this number or a younger-generation owner thinking of selling a business, keep these seven tax considerations in mind…. Read more »